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Welcome to Sunday Classic, a family-owned fashion company dedicated to providing sophisticated and timeless attire for the whole family. Our story began with a love for Sundays spent together, attending church and watching thrilling polo games. These cherished moments have not only shaped our family’s traditions but have also inspired our fashion journey.

As a family deeply rooted in equestrian culture, horses have played a significant role in our lives. Our father, with a passion for polo, has been a seasoned player for over 35 years, passing down the love for the sport to all his sons. This shared enthusiasm for polo and the equestrian lifestyle has become a cornerstone of our brand’s identity.

At Sunday Classic, we believe that fashion should mirror the elegance and grace found in those special Sundays we spent together. Our collection exudes sophistication and timelessness, capturing the essence of classic styles that endure through generations. From carefully tailored suits to elegant dresses, each piece is meticulously designed to complement your style while embracing the essence of family traditions.

Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail is a reflection of the values instilled in us through our equestrian upbringing. Just as every polo match requires precision and skill, our garments are crafted with the same level of dedication, ensuring they stand the test of time.

While we take pride in our roots in the equestrian world, our designs cater to the entire family, with a wide range of attire suitable for various occasions. Whether it’s a Sunday church service, a formal gathering, or simply a day spent together, our versatile and elegant pieces will make you feel confident and at ease.

As a family-run company, we understand the importance of building connections and cherishing meaningful moments. Through our fashion, we aim to bring families together, celebrating their unique stories while creating new ones. Just like the cherished Sundays that have shaped us, we hope to be a part of your family’s journey, accompanying you through life’s most memorable occasions.

Thank you for joining us on this sartorial voyage inspired by family, tradition, and the joy of Sundays spent together. We invite you to explore our collection, handcrafted with love and dedication, and discover the elegance of Sunday Classic.

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A Legacy of Hooves and Heart: How Horses and Polo Forged Our Family’s Enduring Bond

The love for horses and the sport of polo has been the timeless thread that has woven our family together and shaped our cherished traditions throughout the years. From early childhood, we were introduced to these majestic creatures, learning to ride and care for them as a family. As we grew, so did our passion for polo, spending weekends and holidays playing matches and cheering each other on from the sidelines. The camaraderie, shared victories, and occasional defeats have only strengthened our bond. These experiences have become a central part of our family’s identity, fostering a deep sense of unity and pride in our heritage. The love of horses and polo has not only given us memorable moments but also taught us valuable life lessons, fostering respect, discipline, and a strong sense of teamwork. As we continue to pass down these traditions to future generations, we are reminded of the enduring power of passion and the significance of coming together as a family to celebrate the things we hold dear.

The Field Becomes Our Arena- As the years passed, the polo field became more than just a place of competition; it became our sanctuary. Every weekend, the family would gather at the club, dressed in crisp white uniforms, as laughter and anticipation filled the air. Together, we embarked on exhilarating matches that tested our skills and forged lifelong friendships within the polo community. Amid the fast-paced chukkers and thunderous hooves, we discovered the essence of sportsmanship, instilling in us values that extended far beyond the game.

Horses, Polo, and Family – A Timeless Legacy Now, as we look back on the years, we realize that our love for horses and the sport of polo has given our family more than just fond memories. It has instilled in us a deep sense of responsibility towards the animals that have carried us to victory and provided solace in times of hardship. It has taught us the significance of teamwork, communication, and mutual respect, values we carry into every facet of our lives.

The love of horses and the sport of polo have become inseparable from our family’s identity. Through generations, it has bound us together, creating a legacy that surpasses trophies and accolades. It is the shared passion that has given us cherished memories, unforgettable moments, and a deep appreciation for the beautiful creatures that have brought us closer. As we continue to ride alongside each other on this equestrian journey, we take pride in knowing that our family’s traditions and love for horses will endure for generations to come.